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Grand Hyatt Nacau, PRC

Nanette Reid is an award-winning photographer who creates specialist, contemporary architectural and commercial images for the hospitality and architectural industries.

We collaborate with you to develop signature shots - images that showcase your project or property.

Every project presents its own ambience and character, and we make images to capture your design based on your property's unique qualities.

With a broad scope of capabilities, strong conceptual visions, creative execution and a highly skilled team, we provide exceptional results for our clients.

Our team

Nanette Reid



A leading architectural photographer, Nanette has worked in the photographic industry for over 20 years, throughout the UK, EU, USA, Asia and Australasia.

Working with some of the world’s leading hotels and resorts, within Asia, Europe, the USA and South East Asian regions, she specialises in contemporary architectural, interior and commercial images for the hospitality and architectural industries.

A recipient of several international photography awards, her commercial and artistic works are represented in both corporate and private arenas.

Assara Worrachatwittaya


Producer - Thailand

Assara is a Thai national and is well versed in hospitality industry operations.

She holds an MBA in Business Management, worked as a PA for several international clients, and her fluency in English is extremely helpful, when working throughout Thailand.

As a former model, Assara easily provides direction to talent and hotel staff, for relaxed, natural looking lifestyle images.

Sonya Carthy


Lighting Specialist

With a background in editorial photography, Sonya brings a solid knowledge of lighting techniques and styling to the team.

Her unique talent, creative style and technical perspective allows her to create flawless lighting, effortlessly.

Sonya has worked extensively in the film, television and fashion industry with a variety of clients worldwide and her work has been featured in many publications.

Emma Dodd


Digital Specialist & High End Retoucher

Emma’s dedication to her techniques and hard work means she is able to meet the schedule deadlines and accommodate unexpected changes with ease.

She continues to research new techniques and consistently meets clients’ expectations.

Working internationally as a digital technician and high end retoucher she has travelled extensively throughout China, Thailand, New Zealand, Malaysia and UAE.

Emma has a wide range of skills necessary for creating imagery for billboards, interactive presentations, web and print.

Our approach

Our primary specialty is architectural photography - a highly technical photographic discipline. Hotels and resorts often also incorporate other disciplines (food, landscapes etc) which we also provide.

Retouching is an essential part of what we do and we deliver fully retouched and composited images ready for print and web. It is especially important for properties which may still be under construction or that may require additional landscaping due to new planting, ground repairs etc.

When shooting hotels & resorts, every consideration is made to accommodate guests, as well as limiting impact on hotel operations. My crew and I are highly proficient in "getting the shot" in the least obstructive way possible.

Partial client list

The Oriental Residence, Bangkok

  • Blue Duck
  • Jarken Group
  • Cam+Partners
  • Lorraine Reimann Interiors Hong Kong (LRIHK)
  • dwpSRG (dwp Worldwide)
  • ThyssenKrupp
  • Oriental Residence (Bangkok)
  • Hilton Worldwide