Views from an iPhone

My iPhone gives me the chance to shoot personal projects when I'm out and about, whilst still allowing me to to be creative with the tools at hand.

Still-life, the daily grind, travel, architecture: the list is endless and I enjoy using the phone as a "stripped-down camera"; compose, point and shoot, much like my beloved Agfa Clack and Kodak Junior 620!

A few apps sometimes help me create the final image - Hipstamatic, and Classic Toy are currently a couple of my favourites when I want a little extra control of the final image.

Sometimes I shoot normally (and perhaps use Instagram to tweak the image if needed), other times I'll just select one of these favourite apps and shoot outright; whichever method I choose, the same principles I use to create images for my clients are used for my own shots: subject matter, composition, lighting, film, focus, filter selection are all considered to ensure the final image I produce, meets my initial vision.

A selection of these images are featured on our Instagram page: Nanette Reid | architectural photographer | instagram

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